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The Tax Sale property list will be released in May 2013. If you create an account now, you can view properties from previous auctions. Want to find the right property for you among the thousands available at Oklahoma Tax Sales? Choose a county from the box below and hit 'pay now' to subscribe to GavelHound. Please note, June 2013 tax sale properties WILL NOT BE LISTED until May 2013.

GavelHound Property Filter

Looking for a better way to find great properties at Oklahoma's June Tax Sales? You've found it! makes it super easy to filter hundreds of properties to find only those that interest you!

Tulsa County Tax Sale Property Map (click to enlarge)

View properties on a map! Each of the pins on the map is one property. The color indicates the minimum bid amount. Red properties have the lowest minimum bid, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Why GavelHound?

My wife and I went to our first Tax Sale in June 2011. We found the printed out list of properties difficult and time-consuming to use. So, I built an online tool to help us manage the list of properties for Tulsa. We repeated the process again in 2012, adding Oklahoma City. In 2012, each county's list started with over 1000 properties, but don't worry, because I've made the program we use to find properties available to you! This web app makes it so much easier!

Together, Tulsa County and Oklahoma county have thousands of properties available with a starting bid of back taxes. That's 5% or less of the fair market value. GavelHound is the best way to find properties you want to bid on.

If you've seen how difficult it is to search, sort, and manage the lists provided in the newspaper or downloadable online from the County Treasurer's website, then you will absolutely LOVE!

We'd love to have you use our lists, filters, maps and more. We are using GavelHound ourselves right now and we want to help you too. Some people think we are crazy for providing this service, because we go to the sales too. If it's easier for you, it's harder for us to get a good price. However, we think with over 2,000 properties destined for the Oklahoma and Tulsa County sales in June 2012, there's more than enough to go around.

GavelHound Property Map (Oklahoma County)

This is a map of Oklahoma County Properties, colored based on the crime rating of the neighborhood. Red properties have the worst crime rating, then orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet have the lowest crime.

So, please join us. GavelHound can help you buy a whole house for the price of a down payment.

GavelHound will offer tutorial sessions on request. If interested, please request a session!

Join us and learn how to buy a house for $1,000. We'll also answer questions about the sale and provide some numbers from last year's sale in Tulsa county so you know what to expect.

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