Our Pricing

Currently, we have electronic data from 3 public sources.

Oklahoma Tax Sale Lists

If you want to sign up to use GavelHound to research Oklahoma County Tax Sales or Tulsa County Tax Sales, then you'll want access to those lists. You can pay for those via paypal here:

You can learn more about our 2013 tax sale lists on our sign up page for Oklahoma June Tax/Resale Property Lists page.

Payment is per data source. For example, if you wish to see the data for the Tulsa County Tax Sale, you pay only for that sale.

Tulsa County Sheriff Sales

Public Auction ListPriceSubscription Type
Tulsa County Sheriff's Sale$19.95WeeklyBuy Now!
Tulsa County Sheriff's Sale$67.95MonthlyBuy Now!

What you get all subscription plans

Whichever sale you select you get access to the same great features:

  • View photos provided by the county
  • Add your own notes and photos
  • View properties on a map
  • Get driving directions
  • View information about the property such as Minimum Bid, Type, Status, City, Zip, Quality, Condition, Fair Value, Min Bid, Baths, SQFT, Year Built and Lot Size
  • Filter property lists by the criteria mentioned above

Sheriff's sale subscribers also get access to "Plaintiff Bidding History" a feature that uses our historical data to track the average bidding price by plaintiff's on the foreclosed properties.

If you are interested in our custom research services, or would like a data report from the Tulsa Tax Sale 2011, please contact us