About GavelHound

GavelHound is a web app that helps you search, sort and classify properties for sale at Oklahoma Public Property Auctions including the Tulsa County Tax Sale, the Oklahoma County Tax Sale and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Auction or "Sheriff's Sale".

Our Story

Randall Minter, a software architect by trade, created GavelHound after researching properties for sale at the tax sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and his wife found it time-consuming and inefficient to search through county's list of tax sale properties. In early June 2011, just weeks before the sale, he created a web app based on data imported from the list of Tulsa tax sale properties. He then added maps, Tulsa County assessor data and information on the location of meth labs. After the sale was over, Randall continued to work on the system. In October 2011, he brought GavelHound to Start-Up Weekend Tulsa, where he added crime data from the Tulsa police report and then won the "Battle of the Start-Ups" competition by popular vote. After that, he added data from Craigslist and more. January 2012 saw the addition of data for the Tulsa Sheriff Sales .

Our Mission

We help neighborhoods by helping buyers find abandoned and foreclosed homes -- raising property values for everyone.

When a property is abandoned to the tax sale or foreclosed on, it is a sad story, but we want to help neighborhoods move on. If we can get foreclosed homes off the books, maybe the banks will start lending again, so the dream of home ownership can be fulfilled. GavelHound hopes to help foreclosed home owners by helping them get higher bids on their home, avoid deficiency judgements, and put money in their pockets. It's a terrible experience to lose a home to foreclosure, but there is still hope for the home owner to come out farther ahead than simply walking away.

GavelHound in the Media

"Another Tulsa web developer, Randall Minter, turned his interest in buying homes at sheriff sales into a web site called gavelhound.com, built on top of his qrimp.com database development platform. Still under development, Gavelhound merges Tulsa County Sheriff Office foreclosure data with County Assessor data, crime data and other information that would be useful to someone considering bidding at the auction."

Read article Government 2.0 in Oklahoma by Michael D. Bates, March 14, 2012