We save you time and money

Our web app is the quickest and easiest way to research hundreds properties for auction in Tulsa county and Oklahoma county. Print property detail sheets, get driving directions, take notes, and share your findings with your real estate investment team. We bring together multiple sources of data to help you find the property right for you --- FAST!

Investors, Home Buyers, Landlords, and Flippers

GavelHound is great for real estate auction participants. If you invest in public auction properties or want to buy a home for you and your family -- we can help! Browse the list online 24x7. Filter by your criteria. Sort properties, rank them according to your own standards, and note your maximum bids before the auction.

3 types of property

Are you looking for commercial, residential, or agricultural property? Our intuitive maps show the property type by geolocation, so you know exactly where the property is and what its value is. We help you find the public property auction information you need in one place - on the web and from your mobile phone.

Multiple Information Sources

GavelHound collects information from community and public sources to help you make a buying decision. We start with data from County Assessors, and add property values, comparables in the neighborhood, crime rates and more. Get the information you need before you get to the auction. Save hours of research time and find information you may not even know existed.

Currently Serving

GavelHound will have information on properties at the 2014 Tulsa County Tax auction and the 2014 Oklahoma County Tax auction. We also have data for weekly Tulsa County Sheriff Sales.